Won’t You Be My Neighbor

The home office is so hot….imagine the hell fire depths of hades.  Whatever the reason, the a/c just doesn’t seem to work in this room.  I was joking that we need to change our clothes in order to work in the office, and then change back whenever we want to go anywhere else in the house.  It made me think of Mr Rogers.  Remember?  He changed his sweater and shoes and always sang that song….”won’t you be my neighbor.”  (You’re welcome!  Admit it.  You’re singing the song now, aren’t you?)

The website, business, facebook groups, and pages were all recently launched.  I’ve taken enough marketing classes and seminars to know that you are supposed to build an audience and always tie in the product somehow.  I’ve also spent enough time surfing social media hating the people who “friend requested” me only to push their business or sell their marketing scheme to me.  I DO NOT want to be that person, or that business!  I joined the companies to improve my health and that of my family, with the hope that I could improve some lives along the way.  Sales was not…is not…my primary focus.  I will put the work into it, and if it happens, it happens.  (I fell in love with the cbd oil line, though and want to shout it from the rooftops).   My real goal was extra spending money.  Truth be told, if I could do anything I want and make a comfortable living at it, it would be writing….books, articles, blogs….ads for cereal boxes…you name it.

I have always loved books.  When you immerse yourself in a good book, you can imagine yourself to be anyone and to live anywhere. As I read the stories, the characters come to life.  I imagine their looks, the sound of their voices…everything.  You can understand why it would be so disappointing to read a book and then watch the movie.  They’re not MY characters. So,  my love of writing naturally falls in synch with my love of reading.  My father was always a huge proponent of learning.  From him I learned, you can lose everything in life: the fancy house, the cars, the extravagant clothes and jewelry.  Knowledge and education can never be taken away, and knowledge is  power.  There is nothing like the smile on a chid’s face when he or she “gets it”…when they truly understand what you have been trying to teach them.

What are my other likes?  I’ll tell a few to you (walks on the beach, sweet tea on the porch, time spent with family, dogs, tacos, unicorns, a good glass of wine and coffee). After all, becoming friends is like eating an artichoke. You have to go through many layers to get to the meat of it.  I want all of you to be my artichokes…,my friends….my neighbors.  I want to get to know one another so I am going to write about whatever issue impressed or had an impact on me that day.  Really,  from weight loss and health to jewelry and fashion to what is tugging on my heart strings in the world to what the Queen wore to  tea. I want to hear what you have to say….what interests you….what you care about….what you are dreaming about.  You can always comment here, or email me at iamchasingcomfort@gmail.com.

Comfort Food

There are days that I want to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head and forget about adulting.  On those days, nothing would make me happier than it would to build a blanket fort and take refuge under it with a flashlight, a good book, and a big bowl of mashed potatoes with bisto gravy. When everything seems to be going wrong and crashing down, that is the precise moment that you need some good comfort food….soul food.  I don’t mean “soul” food as in chicken, greens, and mashed potatoes (although, that’s mighty yummy….MmmmMmmm).  Soul food….words and teachings that build you up, give you hope and wrap you in the love of God.

In today’s busy world, we rarely have time to stop and smell the flowers, let alone to cook healthy meals, do the shopping, shuttle the kids around, exercise, clean the house, do the laundry, all while meeting the demands put on us by our jobs, spouses, family and friends.  An area that often goes overlooked is our daily time in devotion with God.  If you want a strong body, you have to exercise, get enough sleep, and eat healthy foods daily.  If you want a strong mind, you have to surround yourself with positive people and teachers.  You need to read books, attend seminars, and be open to a lifetime of continued learning.  The spirit is no different.  If you want a strong, healthy spirit, you need to immerse yourself in the word of God, meditate on scripture, and in prayer.

I know that mashed potatoes and bisto gravy are not a healthy choice for my body.  Neither are my other comfort favorites: cocoa and buttered toast, homemade macaroni and cheese, stuffed cabbage, Kvass, and Russian apple pastry.  Just as I need to make a conscious effort to find “healthy comfort foods” to nourish my body, I have to overcome the urge to sit and fill my mind with reruns on the telly. It is much too easy to sit and “veg out” on reruns of old sitcoms.  I have to make a conscious choice to open my Bible or some other daily devotion.

Every morning,  I pray and plead the blood of Jesus over my family.  I pick a song to praise and worship God with throughout the day, and I soldier on. There’s something satisfying about belting out (in my head, of course)  DC Talk’s song, “Jesus Freak” while making sales calls.  But, these are quick fixes.  It is important to find the time to immerse yourself in relaxation and worship.  Sometimes, I can only accomplish this through corporate worship at church on a weekend.  Other times, I can grab a cup of coffee and journal my Bible meditations while I sit on my patio and watch the turtles and herons.  Lately, my comfort food…my soul food….has been found in the Psalms.

My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever. Psalm 73:26 (King James version)

The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Psalm 9:9 (KJV)

What is nourishing your soul?

What is Chasing Comfort

In the late 70s, I gave up chocolate, sugary cereals and meat opting instead for carob, granola, and anything that didn’t require murdering a doe-eyed animal.  I did daily aerobics and walked.  People made fun of me, but I knew it was the healthiest way to live. Somewhere along the way, i started smoking, switched to the typical American diet of chemicals and imitation food, and stopped exercising.

The years have taken a toll on my health, weight, and fitness level.  Everything we do and are affects all areas of our life.  When I’m thin and fit, I regularly wear nice clothes, wear jewelry, have my hair done, and make sure to have on make-up.  When I’m “fat and frumpy”, my hair is pulled back, I go out sans make-up, and dressed in stretchy polyester.

After a medical crisis a few years ago (touched on in Who Am I?), I decided to take control of life.  I have a long uphill journey, but it will be worth it.  To be successful, I need to change everything.  I want to live a life of comfort….a life full of health, peace, and happiness.  Just as important, I want to help others.  I want to motivate you to find your joy, and to be healthy.

We have researched various alternative and natural health systems.  The Indian system of Ayurveda shares similarities with Traditional Korean Medicine. The Bible is full of references to herbs and oils that heal.  It also provids a nutritional code.  Regardless of your religion or lack thereof, as you explore beliefs coming from all cultures who strive for nirvana…to reach the mythical place of Shangri-La….it becomes clear that there is a life force (Spirit, Qi, Prana, nilch’i , et cetera). When we choose to ignore it, we become stressed, out of shape and sick (mentally, physically, and spiritually).  For a few years, we have been researching and trying out various companies, diets, and lifestyle modifications, yet, there has always seemed to be a missing component.

Recently, everything has fallen into place.  Chasing Comfort is the culmination of our research and choices to get us to the future we desire….one of comfort.  What does that look like? Comfort and success will be different for everyone.  It depends upon your beliefs, values, goals, and what is important to you.  For us, comfort equates to a life in which we are physically healthy: fit and at good weight. We will also have the finances to cover not only our daily needs, but those of extended family.  We will be able to travel, if desired, and will be able to bless the ministries and causes we believe in worldwide.

So, what is Chasing Comfort? How will it get us there, and how can it help you along the way?  Chasing Comfort is the launch of the ventures that we have researched and wholeheartedly believe in…..the ones we have chosen to nurture us body, mind, and soul.  In order to get to a healthy lifestyle, we need to eliminate chemicals from our bodies and from our environment.  We have chosen to do this by using essential oils in our home.  We make our cleaning products using doTerra Essential Oils, and have eliminated over the counter drugs in exchange for oils. We are using diet, nutrition, exercise, and CBD oil to attack weight, over all well-being and health.  Sizzle Slim is another excellent product that helps with appetite and “gut health”.


Sizzle Slim with Lyn

doTerra with Lyn Sedmina

All of these are companies that have made a difference in a multitude of lives.  They are changing people’s well-being on a daily basis.  Whether you choose to become a customer, sign up as an affiliate, or merely follow our journey on our website, we hope to help you find some of your own comfort as we chase our own.

Who Am I?

My mantra is normally, “It is what it is.”  We cannot stop bad things from happening to us.  Life “happens” all around us every day.  All we can do is make the best possible decisions we can make with the knowledge and resources that we have, stand up for our beliefs, accept defeats with an attitude of good sportsmanship, and soldier on.  “It is what it is.”  How you choose to react to “what it is” is up to you.

I had the normal upbringing of a child raised in the 70s and 80s, with some exceptions.  I excelled at school, was active in church and school activities, dated and planned for my future.  You know, the future that generations of children grew up believing…the “Disney lie”…white house, picket fence, 2.1 children, dog, station wagon in the driveway (actually, I always planned on a Jaguar or Maseratti). I would go to college and work in an awesome high powered career.  My equally talented and handsome husband would be my soul mate.  We would travel the world, nanny in tow, until the kids were old enough to head off to boarding school.  (OK, maybe I had a different take-away from the Disney movies than most kids.)

Life…and bad choices…put me on a different path.  A single mom at the age of 21, I also had the misfortune of being a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  I drifted through life living each day as it came, made some plans, and struggled to keep my head afloat. During all of this time, I hated myself and had very low self esteem.  Being an extrovert, it apparently did not show.  Friends and work acquaintences referred to me as strong, independent and brave.  All the while, I felt insecure, hopeless and tired.  My weight fluctuated up and down.  I had explored alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, black beauties (speed), and an alternative sexual lifestyle in an effort to self-medicate.   Nothing worked.  (How I pulled myself out is a story for a different blog….or book).

Fast forward to 2013.  By this time, my weight stayed in the range of an NFL line backer.  I had given up any hope of the soul mate or the Jag in the driveway.  While working at some good jobs, I was still living paycheck to paycheck.  I wanted more but still hadn’t figured out what I want to be “when I grew up”.  I had tried selling  Amway, diet products, make-up….all to no avail.  I didn’t truly love the products and I didn’t believe in myself. Things were about to get much worse.

I was scratched by one of our dogs and ended up in the hospital for 3 months with a staph infection.  I was out of work for another month, and had ongoing medical treatment for 6 months.  The majority of my time in the hospital was not because of the staph infection.  It had had been cured in the first few weeks in the hospital.  I was sidelined due to medical malpractice.  Everything went wrong. It had gotten so dire, my daughter slept on a chair in the room in order to monitor my medications and treatment.  From one extremely incompetent doctor, a few lesser incompetent docs, and a nurse who tried to inject someone else’s meds into my central line, it was not an enjoyable experience. I can joke about it now. I refer to it as “the year I wintered at Club Med..”  Everyone is usually in awe until I explain “Club Med’ is not THE Club Med but “club medical center”.  The one truly competent doctor informed my team of cracker jack box docs that they had caused all of my medical issues.  That was the last time that I saw him. (My primary had him removed from my service).  It had gotten so bad that the nurses told me I should write a book.

In the 5 years that have followed, my weight has continued to climb.  I am bloated, can’t sleep, endure constant rashes, have lost mobility, am always tired, have developed chemical allergies (makes working in an office full of perfume such a great time each day), and the list goes on.  Traditional allopathic medicine has caused all of this.  Before being discharged, I was told by one of the doctors that they believe they had given me medically induced lupus.  It would go away in a few weeks.  It has not…..ever.

In life, we can choose to be defeated, or we can realize that there is always someone who is worse off than us.  A single mom without money is not as bad as a single mom who doesn’t have money but who does have cancer.  Lupus, weight, and immobility are not as bad as the young soldier returning with PTSD but without half of his face or either of his legs.

All  of my experiences have made me who I am today.  How I choose to react to all of it, what I have learned from it, and what I will do with it is a work in progress.  There has to be something more….something better….something natural.  This started me on a journey.  I have been examining who I am, who I want to be, and how I can get there.  I invite you to follow me on the journey as I go “chasing comfort.”