What is Chasing Comfort

In the late 70s, I gave up chocolate, sugary cereals and meat opting instead for carob, granola, and anything that didn’t require murdering a doe-eyed animal.  I did daily aerobics and walked.  People made fun of me, but I knew it was the healthiest way to live. Somewhere along the way, i started smoking, switched to the typical American diet of chemicals and imitation food, and stopped exercising.

The years have taken a toll on my health, weight, and fitness level.  Everything we do and are affects all areas of our life.  When I’m thin and fit, I regularly wear nice clothes, wear jewelry, have my hair done, and make sure to have on make-up.  When I’m “fat and frumpy”, my hair is pulled back, I go out sans make-up, and dressed in stretchy polyester.

After a medical crisis a few years ago (touched on in Who Am I?), I decided to take control of life.  I have a long uphill journey, but it will be worth it.  To be successful, I need to change everything.  I want to live a life of comfort….a life full of health, peace, and happiness.  Just as important, I want to help others.  I want to motivate you to find your joy, and to be healthy.

We have researched various alternative and natural health systems.  The Indian system of Ayurveda shares similarities with Traditional Korean Medicine. The Bible is full of references to herbs and oils that heal.  It also provids a nutritional code.  Regardless of your religion or lack thereof, as you explore beliefs coming from all cultures who strive for nirvana…to reach the mythical place of Shangri-La….it becomes clear that there is a life force (Spirit, Qi, Prana, nilch’i , et cetera). When we choose to ignore it, we become stressed, out of shape and sick (mentally, physically, and spiritually).  For a few years, we have been researching and trying out various companies, diets, and lifestyle modifications, yet, there has always seemed to be a missing component.

Recently, everything has fallen into place.  Chasing Comfort is the culmination of our research and choices to get us to the future we desire….one of comfort.  What does that look like? Comfort and success will be different for everyone.  It depends upon your beliefs, values, goals, and what is important to you.  For us, comfort equates to a life in which we are physically healthy: fit and at good weight. We will also have the finances to cover not only our daily needs, but those of extended family.  We will be able to travel, if desired, and will be able to bless the ministries and causes we believe in worldwide.

So, what is Chasing Comfort? How will it get us there, and how can it help you along the way?  Chasing Comfort is the launch of the ventures that we have researched and wholeheartedly believe in…..the ones we have chosen to nurture us body, mind, and soul.  In order to get to a healthy lifestyle, we need to eliminate chemicals from our bodies and from our environment.  We have chosen to do this by using essential oils in our home.  We make our cleaning products using doTerra Essential Oils, and have eliminated over the counter drugs in exchange for oils. We are using diet, nutrition, exercise, and CBD oil to attack weight, over all well-being and health.  Sizzle Slim is another excellent product that helps with appetite and “gut health”.


Sizzle Slim with Lyn

doTerra with Lyn Sedmina

All of these are companies that have made a difference in a multitude of lives.  They are changing people’s well-being on a daily basis.  Whether you choose to become a customer, sign up as an affiliate, or merely follow our journey on our website, we hope to help you find some of your own comfort as we chase our own.

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